Text 10 Apr Update 5

Today, a very friendly man from WordPress moved all my followers/subscribers from this blog to our new website. What does this entail for you?

If you subscribed to this blog via email, you will now receive emails from our new website. Very good! If not, new posts will be visible in your reader, but you will NOT receive any notification via email anymore. I still put links on this blog to our new…

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Text 10 Apr The cute island - b&w
Text 9 Apr The cute island- color
Text 9 Apr The ferry is waiting for us
Text 8 Apr The big city gate
Text 8 Apr Cute little devil
Text 6 Apr Magnificent Mary
Text 6 Apr A Beautiful Morning in Lübeck
Text 5 Apr Weekly Photo Challenge - Threshold
Text 5 Apr The Big Market Place

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